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The Fulcrum Difference

Fulcrum Residential is a nationally recognized team of real estate professionals who believe that our coordinated, collaborative efforts yield the best results for our clients. Through the decade-long path of growing Fulcrum, we have helped more than 3,000 clients with over $1.2 billion worth of real estate. 

We believe in providing our agents with top tier, specialized services, industry leading resources, and unparalleled opportunities. 

A Different Kind of Real Estate.

Our culture is based on value. We believe that adding value in people's lives, in our organization, to our clients, and in our community will create opportunities for everyone around us.

Fulcrum is constantly in growth mode and always looking to add amazing individuals to our team.

We offer our agents and staff unmatched resources and personalized tools in order to help them achieve their career goals.

Comprehensive Marketing Tools

Lead Generation

Database Nurturing

Administrative Services Support

Education & Coaching

Personalized Systems 

About Fulcrum

Fulcrum Residential is a nationally top-ranked real estate organization that has grown to become one of the most successful SERVICE-ORIENTED real estate companies in the country.

Our organization was built through RELATIONSHIPS. We focus 100% of our efforts on people. Everyone in our organization and all of our business comes from building strong relationships with friends, clients, realtors, and allied resources.  

We feel it is vital for everyone in the organization to HAVE A LIFE. With clear focus and incredible support and systems, Fulcrum agents focus on the tasks that support their lives and give them the freedom to have one.

Working With Us Provides:

Highly Leveraged Services

Collaborative Contributors

Expansive Experiences

Unlimited Leadership & Investment Opportunities

It's All About Leverage

Our highly leveraged services ensure that agents receive the industry’s best support, while allowing them to concentrate all of their attention on focused activities that best serve their clients’ interests and needs. Fulcrum provides comprehensive marketing, lead generation, database nurturing, administrative services, and top level talent to our agents.

Collaboration is Key to Our Success

Collaborative contribution is how we tighten our network with one another.  By investing our time and efforts together, we create a stronger team, set higher standards, and deliver peak service.  Fulcrum also invests in our agents and staff by providing individual, professional coaching with an on-staff MAPS Coach* for Location Leaders.

The Spirit of Giving Back

Since day one at Fulcrum Residential, we've donated a portion of our commission from each sale to a non-profit entity. The creation of the Fulcrum Foundation allows these donations to be compounded with client contributions and affiliated vendor giving. We still give for every closing we have at Fulcrum, but now we double our contribution on every transaction where a client or partner donates as well. (That makes it a three for one!) 

Real estate should build community, and building community means having an impact where you live.

Leadership & Expansion Opportunities

Leadership is available at many levels throughout the organization. For our agents this can show up in leading a team of agents, growing a partnership with profit interests, or establishing a legacy business that provides passive income well into retirement.

Expansive opportunities are woven into the culture of Fulcrum. We work to create a network that delivers wealth, harmony, and opportunity to all who are in it. Through our journey Fulcrum has created vertically integrated ancillary businesses that have shared profit interests for participating team members.  We have also joined with team members to create stand alone businesses and expansion organizations.

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